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We're open...

6.30am - 3.30pm,  7 days (Brekky, Lunch)


We're also available in the evenings for private bookings, functions, parties, weddings, receptions, events

($3,000 minimum spend required for private functions)

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Saturday Brekky Sessions 2 July (9-11am)

Yhan Leal

Sunday Brekky Sessions 3 July (9-11am)

Party of One

Saturday Brekky Sessions 9 July (9-11am)

Billie-Jo Porter

Sunday Brekky Sessions 10 July (9-11am)

Elisa Ayoub




Saturday Brekky Sessions 16 July (9-11am)

Paul Fogarty

Sunday Brekky Sessions 17 July (9-11am)

Yhan Leal

Saturday Brekky Sessions 23 July (9-11am)

Slim Pickens

Sunday Brekky Sessions 24 July (9-11am)

Liam Moylan

Saturday Brekky Sessions 30 July (9-11am)

Live Music

Sunday Brekky Sessions 31 July (9-11am)

Yhan Leal

Saturday Brekky Sessions 6 August (9-11am)

Paul Fogarty

Sunday Brekky Sessions 7 August (9-11am)

Tommy Castles & 

Carl Dickens

Saturday Brekky Sessions 13 August (9-11am)

Slim Pickens

Sunday Brekky Sessions 14 August (9-11am)

Josh Matheson

Saturday Brekky Sessions 20 August (9-11am)

Paul Fogarty

Our Coffee

 Dark Arts Coffee Roasters 

  • Dark Arts Coffee Roasters is a small boutique roastery located right here on the Coffs Coast.

  • Partnered with Origin Coffee Traders & other ethical traders, Dark Arts Coffee Roasters seeks to ensure the ethical sourcing of coffee, looking after both the farmers & the environment, whilst maintaining quality & consistency.


  • Currently, our house blend “BLACK MAGIC” is our definite favourite, with a medium style roast & a beautiful full body.


  • “BLACK MAGIC” is a four bean blend of Colombian, Costa Rican, Peruvian & Sumatran coffee & perfect for milk & black coffee drinkers (as well as alternate milks like soy, almond, macadamia, coconut & lactose free, which are all available).


  • It has low acidity with a lovely cut through, delivering a rich, chocolate & caramel body, with a hint of floral after tones.


  • We also have “BLACK MAGIC” beans available for sale & can grind in house to your chosen specifications:


250g - $15

500g - $25

1kg - $45

250g (decaf) - $18

500g (decaf) - $30

Functions & Parties

We're available in the evenings for private bookings, functions, parties, weddings, receptions, events, with a range of packages to make sure you have a great time !!


 If you have an event you'd like to chat about, sing out...

(02) 6600 1505


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Cox Lane, Coffs Harbour NSW

(02) 6600 1505


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